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Descopera experienta calatorind si citind

bookReST Rules

Take: PRince Residence books are free to read and take. You can keep the book with you as long as you wish. If you couldn’t finish reading, you can take it with you to enjoy reading during your further travel.

Read: Anytime (even if you are not a guest) you can visit us and reed our books. Grab a book, enjoy reading it with a cup of coffee, tea or a glass of wine.

Share: Your books can travel too. If you have an old book and you finished reading it, you may leave it with us so others can experience the fun you had reading your book. Transform your books in travelers and a way to find friends and discover new places. Any book any language.

Sign: Write a message on your donated book, plus if you want to make friends or follow your books traveling write also your Facebook user so other can find you

Make Friends: leave a message on our facebook page PrinceResidenceHotel with the book donated or what book you read so anyone can follow his book journey. Be member of bookReST Facebook group to make new friends.

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bookReST Reguli

Take: Toate cartile din hotel sunt gratuite. Poti pastra cartile cat timp doresti. Daca nu ai terminat de citit le poti lua cu tine pana termini de citit, chiar daca te intorci spre casa

Read: Poti sa vii oricand la noi si sa citesti din cartile noastre  sau carti cu care vi tu, te asteptam la o ceasca de cafea, ceai sau un pahar de vin.

Share:  Cartile pot calotori si ele. Apreciem orice carte care ai folosit-o si vrei sa descopere si altii ce ai descoperit tu. Transforma cartile in calatori si motive de a face noi prieteni. Orice carte, orice limba.

Sign: scrie un mesaj pe cartea donata, si daca doresti sa iti faci noi prieteni lasa un mesaj facebook PrinceResidenceHotel sau grupul de facebook bookReST

Make Friends: scrie un mesaj pe pagina de facebook Prince Residence Hotel cu cartea ce a juns la tine si asteapta mesaje de la cei la care au ajuns cartea donata de tine. Alaturate grupului de facebook bookShare PRince Residence pentru a tine legatura cu noi prieteni


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PRince Studio

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One Bedroom Apartment

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One Bedroom Apartment

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